Check your credit report is accurate and take control of your financial affairs

There is only one certain thing in life when economic times are hard. Unless you take care of your credit record, your access to borrowing may be denied when you need it most. There are three main national agencies that collect credit information about you. You have the legal right to see this information and to make sure it is accurate.

The two companies we recommend offer a full and completely confidential service to let you check your full credit report. This is FREE so there is no reason to delay. Just click on one of the two buttons below. Give a few brief details about yourself. Your report comes back by return. If you find any mistakes, that information will be put right to protect your ability to borrow. Get advantage of these FREE services today!

When the records are being created, it is so easy for someone to make a single keystroke error. It can be something as simple as a 1 instead of a 0. But it can be the difference between a loan being shown as paid in full and on time, and a loan in default. If other lenders think you are a bad credit risk, you will only be offered new loans at higher rates of interest or, in the worst cases, refused any new credit.

Some people find the idea of talking to credit rating agencies frightening. If you are worried about getting this information corrected yourself, there are trained staff who will do it for you. But, whoever does it, this is the way you draw a line in the sand and create a clean and accurate credit score based on a true credit history. But there is another reason to keep on checking your credit history.

One of the most dangerous modern crimes is identity theft. Where one person acquires enough information about another that they can steal access to their bank, credit cards and other sources of money. One day, you have a perfect credit score, the next you are on the verge of bankruptcy. Your checking account has been emptied. Your credit cards are all maxed out. All your credit lines have been taken. Only by monitoring all the transactions in your name, can you fight this crime. Simply relying on the statements sent to you by your existing lenders is not enough. An identity thief can take out new credit cards in your name and start using them. If you do not keep an active eye on the central data, you will never find out about these new transactions until it is too late. Through this site, you can arrange for all the transaction in your name to be sent to you every month. That way, you will never be taken by surprise. You will always be in control of your financial life.

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